Comparing Types Of Headlight Bulbs: Halogen vs HID vs LED

LED and HID headlights are both effective and do the job you pay for. However, one type is better due to the way they are made and the materials used. When you buy headlights for your car you want to ensure they will illuminate the road ahead, and also navigate your way during lousy weather. […]

2023 Dodge Challenger Shakedown arrives as first of 7 Last Call buzz models

The Dodge Challenger and Charger muscle cars and their assortment of V-8 engines are going away after 2023, and this time Dodge really means it. The brand is preparing for an electrified future, which it has inaugurated with the 2023 Hornet plug-in hybrid and Charger Daytona SRT Concept. The latter previews Dodge’s first electric vehicle due in 2024. As a […]

Zenvo readies V-12 hybrid hypercar for 2023

Denmark’s Zenvo is developing a hybrid hypercar for launch next year. The information was revealed by the company’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jens Sverdrup, in an interview with Top Gear published last week. According to Sverdrup, the car’s powertrain will integrate a V-12 developed in-house and capable of 10,000 rpm as the internal-combustion component, meaning it should be […]

Light It Up: How to Adjust your Car’s Headlights for Driving at Night

With longer nights, comes more driving at night. Add in rain or winter flurries and visibility becomes an issue. This is why it’s important to be prepared and have your car’s headlights be in good working condition to light the road in front of you. Headlights can become misaligned at times, so it’s essential to […]

Ford tests shape-projecting headlights

Ford engineers in Europe are testing headlights able to project various shapes on the road as a way to reduce distraction. Head-up displays already project vital information within the driver’s line of sight, so engineers tried to do the same with a vehicle’s headlights. Ford’s prototype system can cast light to denote directions, speed limits, […]

License Plate Lights

Some of us are very familiar with cars driving out and about with broken headlights or brake lights (both of which are very dangerous, regardless of how fun the game “padiddle” might be). But I recently learned something else- something about a license plate light (circled in yellow in the picture below). Did you know? […]

Why do many cars have their lights on during the day?

Because of the adjustment of the aperture of the human eye, you think it is still very bright, but in fact it is quite dark, so the automatic big light will come on.       What’s more, what many drivers ignore is that the popular daily traffic light is calibrated for good light. In […]

When Should I Use My Sidelights?

Ah, weather. when the sky’s looking grim, life still goes on—and so do our journeys. Unfortunately, dull weather can compromise our driving—in particular, that all-important ability: to see and be seen. Here’s where using your sidelights comes in. It’s crucial that you know exactly how to light your car responsibly and legally, whatever’s happening around beyond […]

Self-driving cars:a primer

Self-driving cars:a primer  Self-driving cars are part of an uncertain future, but automakers have signaled they are constantly moving to a day when at least some of us won’t drive at all. Along the way, automakers will offer various levels of self-driving capability. Just what are those levels and how are they defined? We are here […]

Great Gatsby” 1928 Rolls-Royce heading to auction

“Great Gatsby” 1928 Rolls-Royce heading to auction The 1928 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Ascot Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton used in the 1974 movie adaptation of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel “The Great Gatsby” is headed to auction. It’s part of Worldwide Auctioneers’ upcoming Auburn, Indiana, sale, scheduled for Sept. 1-3. The Rolls was prominently featured […]